About My Sundae Best

When I was little, my mum told me that one day I would turn into an ice cream if I wasn’t careful (so very fond I was of Mr Whippy and his frozen friends.) Since my mum’s prophesy is still scientifically impossible and I’m yet to respond to my calling as an ice cream seller, I’m doing the next best thing: writing about it.

A Londoner who arrived in New York in 2011, I’m a documentary producer by day, who refuses to shake off my obsession with all things sweet and frozen. So in my spare time, I scour the streets of the Big Apple and beyond, in search of the ultimate icy treats and the perfect parlor of my childhood dreams.

Stumbling across my first all-American Soda Fountain, inside a old-school pharmacy, I knew I’d found the essence of what my home country is lacking: a genuine passion for ice cream that goes back generations  – and appeals to all generations. Brits just don’t seem to get it!  So, I love the ice cream, but I am especially obsessed with Soda Fountains… how they look, what they serve and what they represent.

If I’m not pounding the streets in search of trucks and parlors (or busy with my real job), you’ll find my in my kitchen dabbling with recipes for ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt and sorbets… because one day, you just watch me, I might just respond to that calling.


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