La Dolce Vita Gelato Giusto, NYC

After watching a godawful movie the other night in Chelsea, I decided to salvage my evening by checking out a new Gelateria.  Gelato Giusto hails from Milan, arriving in New York only 8 months ago, on a corner in the genteel environs of 9th Avenue.

The place has a relaxed, chic cafe vibe, with an authentic Italian espresso machine and plenty enough comfortable seating, inviting you to relax a while longer than many ice cream spots. Classic Italian movies flicker silently behind the counter – La Dolca Vita while I was there, which felt appropriate.  There are pretty details throughout, and though I strolled in on an October evening, it took me a while to realize the black butterflies flying up the ceiling were rather classy seasonal decor!


As I arrived, the customers leaving insisted I try the hazelnut sorbetto. I had never tried a nut sorbet before and now that I have, my life may never be the same again. So smooth and so incredibly creamy, I think I asked the owner about four times if it really contained no milk! This was probably the best sorbet and the best vegan ice cream I have ever tried – at the same time! Silky, light and delicately nutty, I would have bet serious money that this was gelato in disguise. I sampled the pistachio, which was also near perfect – light in taste and color, which is always a good sign. But in a moment of hazelnut adoration, I opted to pair my sorbet with a scoop of Bacio – a deluxe, dense dark chocolate gelato with, yes, more hazelnuts!

It’s probably a good thing I don’t live anywhere near this spot, because I’d be in there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, that would be La Dolca Vita indeed.

Gelato Giusto

pics and butterflies Gelato vs Ice cream


  1. Right I’m coming straight over the pond to taste this one. Nut ice creams are my faves especially if not too fattening which supposedly sorbets aren’t ? N’est pas?

    • Exactly! Book your flight! Or perhaps we should go to their original shop in Milan.. And do a gelato tour whilst we’re at it?!

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